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Welcome to your intimate photography session!

This is a unique opportunity to celebrate your body and embrace your individuality,

either with yourself or with a partner.


My goal is to create a sacred and safe space for you to express and be your full self. 

My natural and intimate style of photography will capture your unique expression,

and my embodied approach will guide you through the session to find more freedom and pleasure.  

Whether you're here for yourself or as a gift for a loved one, this is a chance to embrace

your body and love yourself.

Let's create some magic together!

Informed by my training as a Psychosexual Somatic Coach

These personal photoshoots are designed to witness and capture a side of you

that is private but wants to be seen and expressed. 

Sessions can be solo, with a partner, and/or a close friend. 

Get in touch to discuss your motivations and special requests for the session.

Why not make a day of it?

Cowes is a beautiful English town by the sea.

My home studio is located 10 mins walk from the centre, with stunning views of the Solent.


Surrounded by woodland walks and with the beach at my door, we can discuss outdoor options for your shoot.

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What to expect from the session?

Held in my space or yours, all we need is privacy and good natural light.

My intention is to create a safe and honouring environment for you to show up in your fullest.

The offer is open for all ages (from 18), gender, race and/or sexual orientation.

You can book a solo session, couple session, or group. 

Price starts from £275* for a 2 hours session (not including travel, or extra time).

In a typical shoot, we get between 300-500 photos of which you receive around (+/-)200 to select your favourites. 

Since I view these shoots as a discovery journey, I don't limit your selection.

I believe that a photo should be with its owner and not lost in my archives.


Moreover, I believe that over time the relationship with your photos will transform and I want that to be part of the experience over time.


Having said that, stylistic edit and airbrushing are limited to a number of photos (depending on the level of details), I don't do body alterations.

Videography and film are also available upon request at an additional fee. 

FAQ / Important Information

About the session

I welcome and encourage you to get in touch or book a no-obligation free discovery call to discuss details and align expectations!  Before you do, please read below carefully

Is it for me?

You may have a lot of questions, you might want to discuss something special with me, or you might just want to get to know me better to see if our energies match! I'm open to discussing all these and more when we speak.

For now, I think it's important to know that these sessions are deep and meaningful experiences. Being in front of the camera in this way can be confronting or challenging, but it can also be freeing and beautiful - often times it's both! That's why I view these as a discovery journey and invite you to consider the same when you book; if you want to look a certain way and need to control the set, perhaps this is not for you. 

Can I bring anything?

Yes! Do! I love the idea of full self-expression so if you like to wear certain things, love the feeling of a textured garment, or have some accessories you want to play with, bring them along! 

Do I have to be nude? 

Not at all! You need to feel safe and comfortable. I had clients who came with lingerie and slowly peeled them off... some of my clients came for a portrait shoot and ended up half nude. Consider it an open invitation to play with your comfort zone and see where it takes you. 

Confidentiality & privacy

I understand how important your privacy is for you so I take a lot of care in ensuring you feel protected throughout the experience.

How will you handle sharing my photos? 

From our initial contact to the end of time, your photos are safe with me! They will be shared with you via an online sharing drive and deleted as soon as you've downloaded them. They will then live in my archives for 6 months unless otherwise requested. 


If you decide to print them with me, I work with trustworthy printers who delete every job once it's completed. 

Will you use my pictures for marketing? 

Some clients have consented to their images being used on my social platforms, however, I will NEVER publish anything without your explicit consent. Moreover, if you agree once, you always reserve the right to ask me to remove without explanation.  

These are the measures I can take in ensuring your privacy, please note I'm not liable for any 3rd party breach (printing, sharing platforms, other)


The service package includes 1-hour consultation, as well as a follow-up email/call to discuss the selection and any specific notes. Following the shoot, you can expect to receive the initial selection within 5-7 days. The editing process will be completed within one month of your shoot day, so make sure to send your selection within that time frame.  

Editing & processing

You will have access to unlimited digital photos from your shoot, while post-production edits are limited to up to 15 photos. I process the photos in Lightroom, while some portraits are also subject to colour correction and small fixes in Photoshop. Please note, I don't alter body parts, but I am happy to airbrush lightly where needed. 

Receiving the photos 

I use a digital platform to showcase and transfer the digital photos to you. In some cases, I am happy to send a single USB with the final selection. I keep the final digital photos in my archives for 6 months only. 


How much does it cost?

The starting rate of £275 is for a solo nude photoshoot session that is local (within a 1hour radius) and up to 2 hours, selection of digital photos included. Couple/Group sessions, video work, and/or travel will be subjected to an additional fee. 

Transaction expectations:

I require a booking holding deposit of 50% and the remaining 50% payable on the day of the shoot. 

I accept payment in GBP in cash or bank transfer. I also accept Paypal and Wise transfers with conversion/transaction fees to be covered by the client. 

Can I hire you to shoot at my event? 

YES absolutely! I love to be inspired and am keen to help you share your offering. 

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