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Co-Creation Club

Women who weave together 

create together

Embodied Women Circle

What Happens in the Club?


Meeting weekly on Zoom, at the Co-Creation Club, my aim is to create a supportive and nourishing environment for women to be themselves and thrive. 

The portal offers women from all walks of life a chance to connect firstly with themselves, and then with others. 

The weekly Club Calls offer a variety of Embodied Awareness practices, a chance to dialogue and share, and an opportunity to create meaningful bonds and trust that go beyond your immediate environment.

The second layer of the club is an invitation to co-create and share your gifts with the established group. 

"Women who weave together, Create together."

If you have an inner calling to share your talents, knowledge or gifts, the club is a space to test-pilot them, get feedback and gain confidence. 

Knowing you are not alone, feeling inspired and empowered - these are the benefits of The Co-Creation Club. 

Find your tribe & create meaningful connections

Practice & experience Embodied Awareness
& be inspired

Co-Create & test-pilot your offers with an engaged audience