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Co-Creation Club

Women who weave together 

create together

Embodied Women Circle

What Happens in the Club?


Meeting weekly on Zoom, at the Co-Creation Club, my aim is to create a supportive and nourishing environment for women to be themselves and thrive. 

The portal offers women from all walks of life a chance to connect firstly with themselves, and then with others. 

The weekly Club Calls offer a variety of Embodied Awareness practices, a chance to dialogue and share, and an opportunity to create meaningful bonds and trust that go beyond your immediate environment.

The second layer of the club is an invitation to co-create and share your gifts with the established group. 

"Women who weave together, Create together."

If you have an inner calling to share your talents, knowledge or gifts, the club is a space to test-pilot them, get feedback and gain confidence. 

Knowing you are not alone, feeling inspired and empowered - these are the benefits of The Co-Creation Club. 

Find your tribe & create meaningful connections

Practice & experience Embodied Awareness
& be inspired

Co-Create & test-pilot your offers with an engaged audience

Who is it for?

  • Women who are tired of creating alone, and the lack of engagement on social media

  • Women who understand creativity is a human birthright and wish to get to know their feminine expression

  • Women who are sensitive and introverted but have something to say and want to share it with the world

  • Women who are interested in embodiment practices and want to find more space and calm in their nervous system, especially when connecting with others

  • Women who want to be part of a growing network of real-life support and kinship

  • Women who wish to bring more meaning to the world by influencing and inspiring others.

What will you learn?

At the Co-Creation Club, we teach nothing. 

Instead, in the experiential space of the club, we somatically learn:

to listen, to speak, to share, to support, to heal, to bond, to trust, to play, to create, to enjoy, to dream, to inspire, to elevate, to expand..... 

How does it work?

The space creates itself.

This means that your participation and engagement are needed for the creation of this ecosystem, you are valuable whether you create or "just" participate. 

The 10-week container subscription gives you access to the nourishing learning environment and discussion hub, weekly embodiment calls and sharing circle. 

Those who wish to co-create will be assisted to create their very own 'Creator Club Session' - it can be anything from a movement class or a wellness workshop, cooking together, songwriting, singing and performing - it could be one-off or reoccurring, the sky is the limit. 

Reciprocity is Key.

'Creator Club Sessions' will be offered to the group for an additional fee shared with the creator and the host. This act ensures reciprocity for all involved and provides the creator with a sense of accomplishment and monetary energetic exchange. 

Presented by Inbar Jeffery
Founder of Co-Creation Club

Trained as a Psycho-Somatic coach and a Healing Ground teacher of the Realisation Process, I am a trauma-informed embodied facilitator and guide. Over the years life demanded that I pursue creative and life-affirming practices, that enable my sense of self and purpose in the world. 

As an artist and creative being, I move through life with curiosity and openness to "what is possible", and found that I thrive in collaboration and connection.


I created the Co-Creation Club after years of participating in online communities and identifying the need for a reciprocal space that orients towards action and initiation. At the same time, disillusioned with social media, I was longing for a more engaged, supportive space of true collaboration and realisation.

I believe in the Feminine principle which is creative and collaborative; strengthening and actualising the inner feminine to express and create is my mission, and that's why I created this space. 

Join the Club

10-week container 

Starting September 2023 (dates tbc)


Term participation fee £55

Includes access to weekly Zoom club calls and a private community discussion board.

All 'Creator Club Sessions' (sessions devised and delivered by club members to the club) will be at an additional fee and additional times.


The Potential

I truly believe this space has the potential to become a supportive and nourishing environment for creative feminine expression and actualisation (making reality), but you don't need to create in order to join. 

The purpose of the Co-Creation Club is to inspire and influence each other to go beyond what we know, to create momentum and find space & flow, in our own body and system, and with what we want to see in the world. 

Your place is with us whether you are already a creator (or an artist) or aspiring to be one, whether you are working full-time or a full-time mum, whether you are having a mid-life crisis or have it all figured out, experienced or only just starting out. 

We are excited to meet you.  

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