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Embody With Pleasure - Essential Foundations

Women's Group Online Program






In this online program, we will explore the empowering practice of Embodied Awareness

Through the lens of self-love, guided by our senses, we listen to our internal dialogue of a body that feels.

We work through the layers of our thought, perception and conditioning to get to the core of our true nature, and our AUTHENTIC EXPRESSION.

The aim is for a new kind of experiencing; one which is felt and reflected from inside out. This program will equipped you with the foundations for self enquiry and self-regulation tools for the nervous system. 

6 week program, 2 hour weekly zoom session

Small group, up to 6 participants (women only)

+ Bonus breast massage recording 

Weekly reflection prompts.



“Through My Lovely Body, I got some simple and powerful tools for being more present in certain areas of my body and thus feeling more connected to them. 

I feel like I learn to understand and unpack the potential of my body in its detailed parts. Like I get to know more detailed and deeper layers of the meaning and function of certain body parts like I listen to their stories, their experiences. 

Step by step I become more intimate with my own body.”

Mira 2020

Born from a deep longing to connect with others in a "non-disciplinary" environment,

I offer this space every other Tuesday to co-regulate together. 

The Co-Regulation Circle is an open hour to regulate the nervous system together and share in a meaningful way .

Each session includes
❋ a short guided meditation for nervous system regulation
❋ a sharing and reflection circle - participants are invited to speak for a few minutes without interruptions (speaking is optional).

By registering you agree to respect all participants personal space, confidentiality and privacy.

This is not a space to ask or give advice - this is a space to see and be seen, and to receive the medicine that is being in connection, without the need to perform or achieve.

Open to all, limited to 10 participants. 

Sliding scale £5-£10 a session.

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