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INBAR JEFFERY | Intuitive Web & Graphic Design, IOW

Many people feel overwhelmed and frustrated when it comes to putting together their website and marketing packs.


Thinking of all the bits and pieces can feel lonely and become expensive.


That's why I have created the Holistic Branding Pack to get you all set up with original photos, on-brand templates, and a user-friendly website. 

INBAR JEFFERY | Intuitive Web & Graphic Design, IOW

Hi, I'm Inbar

I'm a photographer, a coach and your holistic brand artist - I can help you put together a beautiful website or a landing page, create impactful social media templates, and work with you to get the best photographs for your brand.

I work with you in a collaboration to realise your vision and to create a platform that captures your story and essence of your business.  

"You are unique and so is your business"

My holistic services include 

Holistic Branding Pack starts from £555
*Photoshoots are based on location & package prices may change according to website architecture

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INBAR JEFFERY | Intuitive Web & Graphic Design, IOW

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