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Hi! I'm Inbar, an embodied creator, artist & holistic coach.
Welcome to my world!

I help women connect with themselves to cultivate a sustainable sense of self that emerges and reflects from within.

Through my creative lens and coaching practice, I'm inspired by guiding individuals on a personal exploration using Embodied Awareness principles.

Together, we explore the essence of your being, empowering you to truly know yourself, see your unique beauty, and love who you are. 


Embracing a holistic approach, my work is characterised by dialogue, collaboration, and intuition, which  is enhanced by my personal & professional introspective journey.

I offer my gnosis to individuals seeking personal growth, holistic entrepreneurs striving to make a meaningful impact, and artists looking to express themselves authentically.


I view all my offers as a transformative journey to (re) discover the potential, beauty and the creative essence of your being. 

Whether you are looking for visual representation through photography, video art, or design, or if you seek personal healing and embodied guidance, I'd love to support you on your path.

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Discover yourself
Inhabit your body

Visualise your story

Personalised video production

Want to find out more about my work?

No one client is the same.
That's why all my offers are customised to suit you personally.

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