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Inner Knowing Mentoring

When you need clarity
1:1 Private Session

I truly believe that you have everything you need inside you to take the next step forward. 


All the Wisdom, Creativity and Knowledge of your soul is already with you.

Even still, it is very human to sometimes forget our innate gifts of knowing who we are and what we want for our lives.


It's very common that these qualities of your true nature hide under layers of emotions and inner conflict, creating fear and doubt, disabling your forward movement with self-criticism and overthinking.


Sometimes all you need is a reminder that what is not currently in view

is not gone.


Sometimes it takes a moment, a word, or a gesture to come back in alignment with yourself; your heart, power, and truth 


In an Inner-Knowing Mentoring session, we dive straight in, look at the issue at hand, feel it in the body, and help it move and transform by giving it an expression. 

These sessions are designed to help you remember your inner strength and support you to gain clarity as you navigate your emotional landscape.

Each dialogue with Inbar is full of depth and meaning. 


I find Inbar deeply attuned and the questions she asked when I’m overwhelmed or stressed, always bring me back to a state of Inner Listening, which helps me to locate an inner solution that’s right for me. 


Inbar is an active listener.  I sense her presence while we speak, which feels very pleasant and held. 


1:1 Mentoring Session

1 hour via Zoom


(other currencies available upon request)

Not sure this is for you?

I offer an OBLIGATION FREE compatibility call to discuss options so you can get a sense of who I am before you book your session.


Trained in Psychosexual Somatics® Therapy, I'm a trauma-informed embodied coach and guide.

My practice includes deep introspection which is grounded in body awareness and inspired by spiritual practices.

Working with attunement to the nervous system my approach is highly intuitive, sensitive and aware, as 
I hold great respect for the vulnerability and sensitivity of a client's personal material. 

My intention is to support clients in identifying their own 'Core Knowing' and 'Embodied Wisdom' by holding the 'Potential' until they are able to hold it in themselves.

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