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Embody With Pleasure

Establish the foundations for being present with your body, in a gentle, loving way.
Discover the potential of your body to experience pleasure in a new way
and give a voice to an Authentic Expression of your true being.

As an embodied practitioner, I believe that pleasure is a personal experience that cannot be compared with others, or experienced through others.

The pleasure we feel resides in our body alone and thus the level of feeling is influenced by many external factors, namely our conditioning, upbringing, trauma and so on. 

In this program, I introduce the idea of pleasure as a birthright, as we allow pleasure to become part of our daily practice, and a point of reference for our general well-being.

Moreover, in this series, we are reminded of the feminine capacity to experience pleasure and utilise it as a catalyst for change and growth. 

Working in layers, in the group session we explore the Cognitive, Physical & Emotional landscape of our being. 
We examine and review our relationship with our physical body, and the internal dialogue associated with pleasure and body.

Each session will include a guided embodied awareness exploration of breath, self-touch and gentle movement, aimed at bringing life back into the cells of our body, releasing tension and take up more space.

The sessions are structured in a way that allows for an open dialogue. 
In each session, you are invited to discuss and share your own insights and sensations.
The group share is also an opportunity to enjoy kinship and sisterhood,
and to discover you are alone.


This EXPERIENTIAL JOURNEY asks you to show up, and share your screen and your heart in the space.
All sessions are held and hosted by Inbar;
I view them more as "live broadcasts" than teachings, as I draw inspiration from the field of consciousness we create and share in the space, as well as live feedback from the participants.  

Each session includes:
Theme Introduction 
Sharing / Discussion Circle 
Embodied Exercise / Somatic Exploration
Closing Circle 
Join an intimate group of women (up to 6)

Dates and times TBC
via Zoom 1.5-2 hours

The program package includes 1-hour support session with Inbar, which you can book at any point during the 6 week's journey. 

Total Cost

payment plans available

Program Schedule


Week One


Establish foundations to inhabit your body

Full Body Sense & Scan.

Week Two

Upper Torso

Awake to the Emotional Landscape 

Breasts / Chest / Heart.

Week Three

Belly Space

Access your Intuition, Wisdom & Power

Abdominal Attunement.

Week Four

Pelvis Care

Create Stability & Mobility from within.

Week Five

Yoni (Vulva) Wisdom

Open up to Sexual Pleasure & your Authentic Expression

 Follow the energetic flow.

Week Six


How do I feel now?

Full Body Sense & Scan.

“Through My Lovely Body, I got some simple and powerful tools for being more present in certain areas of my body and thus feeling more connected to them. 

I feel like I learn to understand and unpack the potential of my body in its detailed parts.


Like I get to know more detailed and deeper layers of the meaning and function of certain body parts like I listen to their stories, their experiences. 

Step by step I become more intimate with my own body.”

Mira 2020

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