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Embody With Pleasure 1:1 program

Establish intimate foundations for being present with your body

Become curious and loving towards yourself

Uncover the potential for more pleasure & vitality in the body.


Embody With Pleasure Personal Program 1:1

As a woman, I want the intelligence of my whole body to inform my Sense of Self. 

As an embodied practitioner, I want other women to feel and connect with their intelligence & wholeness so that WE ALL show up fully present in our lives. 

 Through my work, I come to realise that pleasure is a personal experience that cannot be compared with others, or experienced through others.

The pleasure we feel resides in our body alone and thus the level of intimacy we allow ourselves to feel is influenced by external factors such as society's conditioning,
our upbringing, and personal trauma. 

In this personal program, we view pleasure as a birthright and regard the body as wise & true.

You might not feel like this now, but over the next 6-weeks, you will start to open up to your experience and expand your capacity to feel more.

You will start to:

These healing sessions are a combination of dialogue and guided somatic experiential bodywork (no touch).

Moving through layers of experience, in each session we explore the Cognitive, Physical & Emotional landscape of your being. 

With gentle guidance, we attune to the relationship you have with your physical body.
We listen to how you speak with it and the stories stored in your tissue.
We reestablish contact and comfort from within. 

Each session will include a guided exploration of breath, self-touch and gentle movement, aimed at bringing life back into the cells of your body,
releasing tension and creating spaciousness.

The gentle guidance honours YOUR personal flow, pace, and needs.

An essential part of the healing process is giving permission to your "NO" as well as your "YES". 
The space we create together honours your intelligence and life experience, and will never rush or judge you.

The aim is not to "fix" you but to SEE you - all of you is welcome.   

The 6-week experiential journey includes 

Weekly 1:1 sessions via zoom (between 1.5-2 hours) 
Sessions are ONLINE, so you can explore deeper from the safety and comfort of your home.
Each week explores a body part & an enquiry theme as a frame for our work 


Weekly payment plan available

Need more info?

It's only natural if you have questions and hesitations, this is journey requires trust and certainty.
That's why I offer an OBLIGATION FREE compatibility call, so you can get a sense of who I am before you decide.

Program Schedule


Week One

Introduction Establish intimate foundations.

In our first session, we start gently and easy, by getting to know you and your body; what it wants, what it needs, how are you. 

  • Incorporate pleasure into your daily routine

  • Increase your general wellbeing

  • Set better boundaries and enhance your creativity.

Week Two 

Upper Torso Awake to the Emotional Landscape 

In this session, we visit your breasts and chest as we connect and feel into the protective layers of your heart.

Week Three

Belly Space Access your Intuition, Wisdom & Power.

In this session, we say hello to your belly. We descend a little deeper from the external layer of skin and flesh to uncover personal power and strength.

Week Four

Pelvis Care Create Stability & Mobility from within.

In this session, restoring connecting with your pelvic bowl, we begin to collect the goodness stored in an alive and stable ground.

Week Five

Yoni (Vulva) Wisdom Open up to Sexual Pleasure 

& your Authentic Expression

In this session, we speak with your Yoni, ask her what she needs and give her voice. 

Week Six 

Conclusion How do I feel now? 

As we conclude we ask the body how it would like to show up and support you.

“Through My Lovely Body, I got some simple and powerful tools for being more present in certain areas of my body and thus feeling more connected to them. 

I feel like I learn to understand and unpack the potential of my body in its detailed parts.


Like I get to know more detailed and deeper layers of the meaning and function of certain body parts like I listen to their stories, their experiences. 

Step by step I become more intimate with my own body.”



Trained in Psychosexual Somatics® Therapy, I'm a trauma-informed embodied coach and guide.

My practice includes deep introspection which is grounded in body awareness and inspired by spiritual practices.

Working with attunement to the nervous system my approach is highly intuitive, sensitive and aware, as 
I hold great respect for the vulnerability and sensitivity of a client's personal material. 

My intention is to support clients in identifying their own 'Core Knowing' and 'Embodied Wisdom' by holding the 'Potential' until they are able to hold it in themselves.

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