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It starts with YOU, and your BODY!

If you’re scrolling on social media these days I imagine that you are also being subjected to memes of spiritual healing and conceptual thought. I’m probably guilty of this myself.

However inspiring and true these memes are, I feel there is an element missing in the transmission of memes which is the complexity of REALITY.

The value and virtue of concepts like “being embodied” “living in the moment”, “surrender”, “manifest what you want”, and other conscious rhetoric, all have physical and material components which are felt in the body and experienced in a lived experience.

  • How does it feel to be in my body? Is it even possible? What’s keeping me away?

  • How can I live in the moment if the moment is not pleasant? or brings up too many contradicting emotions?

  • What does it mean to Surrender? What does it look like? What if I still want to hold on?

  • Manifest how? what do I want? where is it even located?

These are personal expressions that are influenced largely by our life experiences and social conditioning. But can we take it one step further? By extension, our reactions and actions are all nervous-system related responses - our lives are a moment-to-moment, daily negotiation that happens between ourselves and ourselves, primarily. Away from the illusion of social media, we have to ask ourselves, in our lives (which is happening right now) how do we notice and participate in our own Life?

Instead of trying to explain and “heal" ourselves, by witnessing our responses and becoming interested, we are invited to integrate and synthesise our personal material into an awake expression. Like a unique imprint, your responses make up your wholeness.

You get to choose what they mean to YOU - because you get to experience it in real-time, in yourself:

By negotiating meaning into daily actions

By discerning what is real and what is not

By waking up the body and receiving life

By accepting our mortality and our powerlessness

By wanting more for your children

By seeing each other as equal

By opening up to our life force, creativity and vitality in the now moment (joy, love, eros).

For me right now, it’s about speaking less about concepts and feeling more (in the physical sense). I start with my body.


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