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Psychosexual Somatics® Therapy
1:1 private coaching

Feeling unfulfilled in your sex life and intimate relationships?

Looking to create better connections in your life with friends, family and community? 

Wanting to strengthen your voice and show up more in your power?

Connects you
with your authentic voice (your YES, your NO)

Helps you
communicate boundaries in a healthy way

Teaches you
to stay present in your body, own your sexuality and enjoy life.

The PST Experiential Growth Journey

I am a trauma-aware, embodied coach and facilitator. 

I believe in the healing potential of human connection and the body's wisdom for growth and transformation. 

Working with the body's nervous system, in these sessions, you will gain the 'embodied awareness' required for the integration and resolution of past hurts and trauma (specifically developmental trauma).


We will work with both the cognitive and the somatic realms to empower your own capacity to self-regulate, hold difficult emotions, stay in connection, and heal. 

The aim is to cultivate a new & mature dialogue (internal & external); one that focuses on your growth, potential and a healthy Sense of Self.

My approach is highly intuitive, sensitive and attuned to the client's needs at all times. 


Clients find these sessions supportive in forming better relational dynamics & intimate connections with themselves and others. 

Session 1 hour £65* via zoom

New client engagement is conditional on pre-treatment consultation session

1.5 hour £80*

*other currencies available, if your income has been affected by Covid please get in touch for discounted rates.


Would you like more information?

I'm offering FREE 20 mins discovery call slots to discuss a potential journey together.

Get in touch if you have any questions or just want to feel my energy before you commit.

More info

A PST Growth Journey is a measurable experiential experience; 

Recommended term is 3-4 months, with a 1 hour session once every two weeks. 

Following the pre-treatment consultation, we agree on a treatment plan to suit your needs. 

Clients can book all sessions in advance or pay per session. 

Please note, a PST Growth Journey is offered to women only at this stage.

Important Information before you book

PST journey focuses on identifying behaviour patterns that keep you away from having healthy intimate relationships.

In a journey, we work on identifying these patterns and mobilising them, as we get to know their limitations as well as their gifts to you.  


The PST journey, because of its somatic approach, maps new neural pathways in your nervous system and offers you tools that enable you to increase your capacity to hold complex emotions and sensations

While the nature of the PST modality focuses on sexuality, these sessions are not offered as sexual therapy.

The PST Growth Journey I'm offering views sexuality as an essential component of healing intimate connections, and incorporates elements of sexual healing into the sessions, especially if the client's enquiry is about their sex life. 

There is no touch, sessions are online only.


If you know you underwent explicit sexual trauma in your past, I will not be able to work with you due to the level of my training.  In such a case I recommend you contact a trained PST trauma therapist.

Pre-Treatment Consultation

The Pre-Treatment consultation assessment is the first step of a potential journey together; there is no commitment required at this stage, and it's an opportunity for you to sense if this is the right path for you.

Equally, the session is for me as the coach, to assess if I can help you or not.

Pre-treatment consultation is a series of questions that map out your past and present intimate relationships, and identifies a desired future outcome for the journey. In the session, we will be covering your sexual experience as well as your medical history and lifestyle.

The Pre-treatment session can be very therapeutic in itself as oftentimes clients leave with a newfound sense of clarity and hope.  

Ready to BOOK?
Have any questions? 

Thank you for getting in touch, I will respond shortly.With care, Inbar

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