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What is embodied awareness? Simply put, it is the practice of being present in and attuned to your body, your emotions, and your thoughts. It is about cultivating a deep understanding and connection with yourself and learning to navigate the world from a place of awareness and intention.

There are many benefits to practicing embodied awareness. It can help you to better manage stress and difficult emotions, improve your physical and emotional well-being, and enhance your social connections. It can also help you to make more mindful and intentional choices in your life.

This innovative journal for women is designed to help you cultivate a deeper connection with your self and with other people. With deep introspective prompts, this journal will guide you to focus on your physical sensations, movements, and emotions as you reflect, and provide you with insight into your innermost self.

This beautiful journaling experience is truly one of a kind. Written by a trained Psychosomatic coach, it is a unique gift for those who want to deepen their practice and cultivate embodied wisdom.

The Journal includes 

  • Over 30 deep embodied journaling promps
  • Plenty of journaling and doodling space
  • Mandalas for mindful colouring


Get yours and start your rewarding journey to a more embodied self.

Embodied Awareness Journal Experience - Printable PDF

  • This is a print at home version of the journal.

    You will receive the product as a PDF file when you complete the order.

    There are a 101 pages including:

    • Front cover
    • Introduction section & journaling prompts
    • Free journaling & doodling pages 
    • 4 Mandalas for Mindful colouring. 

    Simply print from your home computer to enjoy the product. 

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