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Embodied Awareness Practice

Psycho-Somatic Healing & Guided Embodied Support


Embodied Awareness is a language that speaks directly with the body and its physical sensations, emotions, and intelligence, connecting you with an Authentic Expression of your being.


It is a grounding spiritual practice and a self-discovery tool, as well as a catalyst for growth and transformation.

My holistic approach combines dialogue with somatic & embodiment practices that help you establish long-term, sustainable healing.
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Inhabit Your Body, Discover Yourself 

Try an Embodied Mediation for a chance to feel your foundations and stability from within. 

In today's society, I believe, we all experience ourselves somewhat away from our body, perhaps above in our heads or at a distance from our hearts. 

Dealing with daily pressures and stress, constantly being "on" and available for others can feel overwhelming.  We find it hard to switch off and relax while looking at our phones, social media or TV for a break and a chance to unwind. 

The truth is that it does exactly the opposite, it takes us further away from ourselves and creates more charge in our nervous system which makes us feel more on edge. 

Instead of feeling calm, we feel confused. 

Instead of feeling full, we feel empty. 

Instead of feeling love, we feel lack. 

The practice of Embodied Awareness with its simple guided instructions can help us relax the thinking mind, gain perspective and feel contact with ourselves again. 

We feel more grounded, more spacious, more light, and more free to be ourselves.  

We feel more of our love, more of our power, more of our creativity.

We feel more stillness which is our birthright. 

And when we discover ourselves again, we can open up to our environment and show up to relationships in our lives with more compassion, more clarity and more joy. 

Hi, I'm Inbar

Trained as a coach in Psychosexual Somatics® Therapy (PST) and a facilitator of The Realization Process® Healing Ground model, I'm a trauma-informed embodied artist, coach and guide.

My practice includes deep introspection which is grounded in body awareness and inspired by somatic movement & spiritual practices.

Working with attunement to the nervous system my approach is highly intuitive, sensitive, and aware, as I hold great respect for the vulnerability and sensitivity of a client's material. 

My intention is to guide and support clients in identifying their 'Inner Knowing', and access to their own 'Embodied Wisdom' as an emerging potential, rather than an imposed one. 


I am passionate about helping people in creating sustainable transformations and living life with wholeness & authenticity.

As a trauma-informed practitioner, I offer gentle guided explorations and attuned practices, focused on stabilising and regulating the nervous system.


Supporting women to be themselves, inhabit their bodies, and show up fully,

by aligning head & heart and accessing their personal power and innate feminine nature.


I offer a variety of sessions to support your enquiry, strengthen your contact with yourself, and connect you with your emerging potential.

Work with me

Inner Knowing Mapping
1:1 support

An hour to be seen & heard, co-regulate & find emotional stability from within.
Receive guidance for orienting you back on your path, gain clarity, and move forward with ease. 

If you need someone to talk to, this is for you.

1 hour online session 
£60 (£50 concession)


Healing Ground
Guided Embodied healing

Disentangle yourself from co-dependent patterns that constrict your potential & inhabit your body through guided embodied meditation and dialogue. 

If you want to create emotional stability and reconnect with yourself, this is for you.

1 hour £60 (£50 concession)
4 Sessions bundle £200

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Embodied Meditation Group Practice

Inhabit your body and rest your thinking mind,  make deep inward contact with yourself, and experience the fullness of the ground of your being.

No meditation experience is required, complete beginners are welcome. The class will include an introduction to the practice, a guided meditation and an integration space.

In-Person & Online
1 hr class £11.50 | 4 Sessions bundle £40

Concession £7.50



Offers are open for all ages (18 and over), gender, race, and/or sexual orientation. 


Although it can be therapeutic, this practice is not offered as therapy. 


I value confidentiality and privacy above all else.


 I reserve the right to accept or decline clients based on suitability and compatibility.

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