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Psycho-Somatic Healing & Guided Embodied Support


Embodied Awareness is a language that speaks directly with the body and its physical sensations, emotions, and intelligence, connecting you with an Authentic Expression of your being.


It is a grounding spiritual practice and a self-discovery tool, as well as a catalyst for growth and transformation.

My holistic approach combines dialogue with somatic & embodiment practices

As a trauma-informed facilitator, I offer gentle guided explorations and attuned practices, focused on stabilising and regulating the Nervous System.


I support women to be themselves and drop into their bodies, to show up fully by aligning head & heart and accessing their personal strength and feminine nature.


I offer a variety of sessions to support your enquiry, strengthen your sense of self and connect you with your emerging potential.


Realisation Process  Healing Ground Teacher 2023

Psychosexual Somatics® Therapy Coach 2021

Shadow Constellation Facilitator (Family Constellation) 2021

Work with me


1 hour online session 

Inner Knowing Mapping
1:1 support

An hour to be seen & heard, co-regulate & find emotional stability from within.
Receive guidance for orienting you back on your path, gain clarity, and move forward with ease. 

If you need someone to talk to, this is for you.

Healing Ground
Guided Embodied healing

Disentangle yourself from co-dependent patterns that constrict your potential & inhabit your body through guided embodied meditation and dialogue

If you want to create emotional stability and reconnect with yourself, this is for you.


1 hour £60 
4 Sessions bundle £200


Trained in Psychosexual Somatics® Therapy & The Realization Process® teacher, I'm a trauma-informed embodied coach and guide.

My practice includes deep introspection which is grounded in body awareness and inspired by somatic movement & spiritual practices.

Working with attunement to the nervous system my approach is highly intuitive, sensitive, and aware, as 
I hold great respect for the vulnerability and sensitivity of a client's personal material. 

My intention is to support my clients in identifying their own Core and 'Inner Knowing', and gain access to their 'Embodied Wisdom', in order to create a sustainable transformation and live life as their from with wholeness & authenticity.



Offers are open for all ages (18 and over), gender, race, and/or sexual orientation. 


Although it can be therapeutic, this practice is not offered as therapy. 


I value confidentiality and privacy above all else.


 I reserve the right to accept or decline clients based on suitability and compatibility.

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