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Becoming the Bridge

I feel like I’ve always lived on the cusp.

I was born on the cusp between Taurus and Gemini, too late to be Gen X but too early to count as a Millennial (I remember Tape Cassette and used a landline, and at the same time I totally get social media).

I’m half Iraqi, half English. I lived half my life in Israel (the first half) and half in the UK (my adult years). I grew up in a kibbutz and thrived in one of the greatest cities in the world (London).

I am full of contradictions and ambiguity, as well as certainty and clarity.

I’m an extroverted jack of all trades and an introverted master of none.

I’m a leader and a follower.

A teacher and a student.

A freedom-seeking lover and a committed and grounded friend.

The reason I’m listing all of these things (besides offering insight into my being) is that I think we live in an ‘In-Between’ time.

No longer living in the past, but not yet created the future.

Technology and progress are here to stay, yet we still long to feel and experience life as it was.

We are not quite ready for change but we want it. We are not sure what the future will look like but we can feel it.

We are in awe and wonder about what’s possible and at the same time experience fear and grief for what will no longer be.

We are at the cusp of something huge and we can feel it.

It’s extremely personal and universal at the same time. It’s contradictory and confusing, exciting and expansive - all at the same time.

The way I see it, our only job right now is to learn how to live in this in-between state, to increase our capacity to hold uncertainty and change and to BECOME the bridge generation that’s on the cusp - so our children and future generations will have it in their system - an inner resilience and strength.

Our job is to reconnect with our inner power, inner authority and inner knowing, as we navigate these changes.

It looks like many different things.

For me right now it’s increasing the window of tolerance towards my circumstances, environment, other people and myself.

It starts with sitting with what is, with/in my body, feeling all the feelings and being present in the now.

Learning how to not resist or contract even when it’s really edgy.

How to wait patiently.

To accept.

To trust.

To open my heart and stay in my body.

To release ancestral trauma and find new pathways for thriving.

Photo by Inbar Gold.


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