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Facilitator, mentor, guide, creator, daughter, sister, friend, lover, woman. 

Expressive & Creative, I view myself as

a multidimensional being. 

Following strong inner guidance towards what is truly mine

I pave my path one step at a time, following an unknown footprint with a commitment to participate in 

and experience (a) Life Full of Pleasure. 

Weaving together Art & Creativity with Awareness & Body,

my work explores themes of feminine self-actualization, body and presence.


My embodied approach is body-centric, dialogue-based and practice-led.


I thrive in dialogue and am inspired by the human experience

I imagine, create, and engage in spaces that value growth & potential, encourage personal agency, and contribute to an overall sustainable sense of self.  


Personal Bio

Professional Training

The Realization Process Healing Ground Teacher

Certified coach in Psychosexual Somatics® Therapy

Shadow Constellation training for therapist and facilitators applying Family Constellations tools.

Ongoing Inspiration 
Somatic Embodiment modalities

Peter Levine, Ph.D Somatic Experiencing®

Richard Schwartz Internal Family Systems (IFS)

Philip Shepherd The Embodied Present Process

Judith Blackstone Realisation Process

The Feldenkrais Method

Ruby May Know Your Flow Cycle Awareness

Kimberly Ann Johnson

Liz Koch Core Awareness 

Personal Blog ...

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