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A Dialogue Space / The Relational Field

In PST (Psychosexual Somatics® Therapy) we discuss ‘the growth potential in the relational field’.

Before I learned this term in my training, I referred to it as a dialogue space.

I learned about the dialogue space from my dear friend who is an exceptional choreographer whose work is in itself an experience of a dialogue space, a dialogue sphere, where everything effects and informs the other (a dance).

In the last 5 years, since I left my corporate job, I use the dialogue space (dance) principals in my creative work (photography, videography) and it’s not a surprise that I chose PST as a modality for my own healing, and for my training.

The relational field in PST, like the dialogue space in dance, considers everything that happens in the client-coach sphere as information. Moreover, it extends this knowledge to the behaviours which are expressed and felt outside the coaching room, in the clients’ personal world.

Since PST is a somatic practice, it also looks at the relational field between YOU and YOU. It carefully listens to the inner dialogue, the relationships we have with ourselves, how we behave, speak and what we feel in the body.

In a PST experiential journey (which I offer) you start to engage intimately with this dialogue - your own sensations and the sensations that happen with others.

You learn to notice and feel what is right for YOU and learn to express that more clearly, accurately, with yourself and with others.

It’s experiential journey because it draws on the experience of your daily life, and witness how it evolves over time.

It’s not a straight forward, “paint by numbers” kind of approach. It requires attention, care and commitment to the process that takes many routes on the way.

For me, it is a route towards authentic expression of who I am and who I want to become, and it rooted in the here and now.

This is also what I have to offer - support on your journey towards better relationships with self and other, towards YOUR authentic expression.

The relational field is where the magic happens, and that’s where I’m playing. Sometimes uncomfortable, but transformative it sure is.

With love



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