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New Year Reflection

Since it’s the Jewish new year, I have been reflecting on the year that’s gone. I wanted to share a few things that supported me in what feels like the most important year of my life so far.

For context I would share that I used to look to others for inspiration and advise/guidance. I used to move around a lot, and between people, and I didn’t like to ‘commit’ - the feeling was that I was living “outside of myself”, not in my power and lacked agency.

These 3 things helped me get clarity and continue to support me daily:

- Embodied Practice. My practice is simple and it’s sitting for 20 mins every morning, scanning the body, listening inwards, and tuning myself. I don’t always want to do it, and it’s been hard to establish but I am so grateful every time, as it gives me an anchoring point, and acts as a reference to the rest of the day. It’s been a catalyst for more clarity, stability and ultimately more happiness in my daily life.

- Therapy. This year, as part of my studies to become a PST coach, I had to take on therapy with a qualified practitioner. It has been, and still is, the most significant relationship (as a client) and has helped me feel and process many themes. I strongly believe that having an impartial figure listen and witness you is key to develop a relationship with your authentic self, as an agenda free mirroring can validate and support parts of your inner world that don’t get exposure otherwise.

- Community. Over the past year (in fact 2 years) I have subscribed to, and engaged with a community circle with a shared interest. The human connection and showing up consistently, have benefited me greatly during a time of uncertainty and heartache. It continues to inspire and support my growth both professionally and personally and I am so grateful for this gift.

My invitation is to consider what might support you at this time.

We all have things to work through and process. Change doesn’t happen over night, and we can’t do it alone. We are all part of a web and we connect through our lived shared experiences.

With love



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