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Welcoming in 2022

This new year I was reminded of myself 6 years ago when I was in San Francisco visiting friends for the new year. Part of my 10-day visit included a 5-day road trip.This road trip changed my life forever.

It was the most alive I felt in a very long time; in short few days, I alternated between aesthetic joy and extreme existential fear multiple times a day.

My breath was taken by the epic scenes of the pacific ocean, the sense of freedom I felt driving, and the inspiring people I met. There was a quality that I don't remember feeling before, but at the same time felt extremely familiar to me.

When I returned to my life and my corporate job in London, I remember spending my weekends laying on my studio flat floor crying, feeling so strongly - I am not where I'm supposed to be...

I knew I couldn't keep that up for much longer; it was a LIVE or DIE situation.

I choose to LIVE.

3 months after that trip I gave my registration, 3 more months and I was on my way for an adventure of a lifetime.

Since that day, I completely transformed the quality of my life, but it wasn't easy. No obvious way forward apart from the persistence of a heart remembering something truer.

Today, it's amazing that I know - I am exactly where I am supposed to be, I feel so much joy, so much love, so much happiness.

I live by the sea, I practice what I preach, I keep that memory and precious feeling in my heart as a compass.

The quality I speak of is the opposite form contraction, and limitation, it is expansion. That trip showed me in a visceral way, what expansion feels like, and I continue to use that sensibility as a roadmap.

I think we all experienced limitations in the past couple of years. The way I see it, it is our personal agency that we need expand our capacity for.

For 2022, my intention is to keep expanding, grow my practice and share it with others.

With love to you wherever you are on your way, may 2022 be a loving exploration towards expansion.



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